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Early English Family Testimonials

“Our children (3, 7, 11) have been attending Soni’s Early English lessons since the end of October 2022.

With the youngest daughter (3) I was allowed to attend the first lessons. Soni is a very good teacher and you immediately notice that she already has a lot of experience in teaching – also with smaller children. Our daughter learned very quickly and at home she sometimes says some words in English without being asked.

Our 7-year-old son has also made a lot of progress. He is very motivated and looks forward to his English lessons with Soni every time. He had never had English lessons before. But since he has been with Soni he has learned a lot in this short time!

Our 11-year-old son already had some English lessons in the regular school. He likes the lessons with Soni very much. He is being prepared especially for the International School in Malaysia. This was mainly the reason why we decided to have additional English lessons and we are very happy with Soni.” 🙂 

Family De Oliveira

“Learning English while having fun is possible. In Early English, Damian can play with other kids and learn a new language. With the constant support of the teacher Soni, during the class, kids draw, play, create and together while sharing wonderful moments of learning and joy.

Definitely a good way to start learning English.”

Family Lombardi

“My daughter really enjoys going to Early English. She loves to learn with Soni Vogt and her class mates.

The classroom environment is positive and creative, so my daughter felt comfortable and welcomed from the first hour.

It is a real pleasure for me, to see, that she was and still is so opened and without fear to learn English.

The kids always do some crafts and bring them home, which is lovely for the parents, but also for the kids to show what they have created. In this way they are learning a language through all their senses.

We like to thank Soni Vogt for her time and the kind and patient way she teaches.”

Family Waechter

“Soni is an excellent teacher. She makes the lessons enjoyable for the kids with a great teaching method.

My kids love her lessons.”

Claudia Pina